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Plano Attorney Jared Hagood Fights for His Neighbors as DePuy Hip Replacements Cause Suffering to His Home Ground

Plano Attorney Jared Hagood Fights for His Neighbors as DePuy Hip Replacements Cause Suffering to His Home Ground

Posted By Jared Hagood on October 20, 2014. (Previously posted in 2012)

Attorney Jared Hagood is from Plano, TexasJared Hagood attended Plano Senior High School and recalls the close-knit community in which he grew up.  Jared Hagood is heartbroken when he receives calls from client who cannot walk and are disabled or from people who have developed other serious health problems due to the DePuy hip replacement surgery.  It touches him deeply, and he is especially sensitive to the subject when the callers are from Plano, his hometown.  “I grew up in Plano.  Some of my clients live in the neighborhoods where I grew up.  Their children went to my high school.  They are my neighbors, my parents’ friends and their parents and grandparents, members of the community, who helped shape me into the man I am today.  Together, we stand against those who did this,” Jared Hagood says.

The fact is that there are many reports of the metel-on-metal hip implants having early failure, and some patients have developed serious health problems and disabilities related to metallic debris shed by the devices as they wear on the body.  According to NPR, Dr. Joshua Jacobs, chairman of orthopedics at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, reports that the metal-on-metal implants have an unacceptably high failure rate.  Within the space of five years, some of the metal replacements are causing terrible pain and may become loose, resulting in the implants having to be replaced earlier than expected.  The British Orthopaedic Association and British Hip Society have released data that the DePuy ASR XL metal-on-metal hip implants fail as often as 49% of the time at six years.  (Download statement by the President of the British Orthopaedic Association).  This is four times what Johnson & Johnson reported in a press release in 2010.  (Download the orginal press release by Johnson & Johnson in 2010.)

A recent CBS Investigative Report found that a “majority of medical implants are not [sufficiently] tested” before they are implanted, and in fact, many devices are allowed onto the consumer market after only minimal testing, routine paperwork and paying a fee of about $4,000 to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  One of the products streamlined by this “fast-tracked” FDA approval process was the metal-on-metal hip implant.  According to the report, it was one of many medical products approved after only minimal clinical trials, and it was then tested on unsuspecting patients before health risks were fully known.  Michael Caroma, deputy director of the patient advocacy organization known as Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, said in a statement, “This is one very large uncontrolled experiment exposing millions of patients to an unknown risk.

Johnson & Johnson was not forthcoming with doctors about the risks and failure rates it knew about while it was heavily marketing the ASR hip system.  What they did not bother to tell patients and doctors is that those with ASR devices who currently are not suffering from any of the negative side effects of this product can expect a high probability of complications and failures as time goes by.

If you or a family member has a metal-on-metal hip implant, you might be entitled to receive compensation from the responsible parties with the help of The Hagood Law Firm, PLLCAttorney Jared Hagood is very sensitive to the victims of this procedure and will help you.  If you or a family member has suffered from this hip replacement, it is urgent that you contact Jared Hagood with The Hagood Law Firm, PLLC at 214-706-0835 before the deadline to file lawsuits expires for the open lawsuit in the DePuy (MDL: Multi0District Litigation in the Northern District of Ohio). As Jared Hagood would advise you, “This is a chance for people with the defective implant to be justly compensated for any present injuries and future complications, including revisions.  Should you choose to wait and the pain becomes unbearable and you try to seek compensation after the deadline, it may be too late.”  Contact Jared Hagood today.


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