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Texas Pipeline Explosion Attorney

Texas Pipeline Explosion Attorney

Pipeline explosions should never happen, but when they do, they are nothing but catastrophic.  Although the oil and gas industry is heavily regulated, these incidents continue to occur causing widespread damage and serious personal injuries including severe burns, disfigurement, bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, amputation, serious mental anguish, and death.

 Pipeline Explosion Attorney

The oil rig, gas rig, and pipeline explosion attorney at The Hagood Law Firm, PLLC has extensive knowledge of federal state regulations that govern the manufacture, storage, and transportation of petrochemicals, liquid petroleum, oil, industrial chemicals, and natural gas.  The Hagood Law Firm, PLLC has the knowledge and experience to identify the cause of the pipeline explosion and the parties responsible for causing the explosion.  These are more than essential qualifications in assessing responsibility and preparing cases against all culpable parties that may be responsible for the pipeline explosion or industrial accident.
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